Gregg Warburton


Gregg Warburton
"I fell in love with every aspect of the game, from the team element, to the culture and the competitiveness. "


When I was young I tried and participated in many sports until I came across wheelchair basketball through a multisport event via school. I went along to one session and never looked back

In many ways, basketball is my life. I’ve sacrificed and continue to sacrifice a lot to be as successful as possible in this sport. It’s given me many amazing opportunities, a relentless drive not just on the court but in life. It’s changed my life for the better. It would mean everything to look back at the end of my career and see that I achieved a lot of my goals and to think that the amount of sacrifice and hard work I’ve put in over the years had been worth it.



I had my feet amputated at around 6 months old due to a condition that meant I would’ve been unable to walk, I was also born with an abnormality to my left arm, resulting in it being shorter and with only 2 fingers.

I have faced a lot of difficulties in life and finding wheelchair basketball was a great outlet for me. It has opened many doors and opened my eyes to the fact that there are obstacles in life, but that you can adapt everything and there’s nothing you can’t do if you’re determined and hard working. A big part of overcoming challenges in life has come from my parents who’ve gave me many opportunities and a strong resilient mindset in that I can achieve anything.

"I would recommend this sport to anyone. Whether that’s to take up the sport to compete or to spectate."
My sports wheelchair
"The responsiveness and and slight movements of the RGK Elite X allow me to be as agile as possible, unlike any chair I have ever experienced."
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My everyday wheelchair
"The unbelievably light frame of the RGK Octane Sub4 makes all aspects of life incredible easy, along with still having the most incredible ride. I also think it’s asthetically beautiful and I’m proud to be pushing around my day to day life in it."

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