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Katharina Krüger

Katharina Krüger

Wheelchair Tennis

Their Journey

"The outcome of the match has to do with just two things - the way your opponent plays and the way you deal with it. "

Katharina Krüger

Katharina Krüger was born on the 3rd January 1990 in Berlin, Germany with Spina Bifida. Needing to use a wheelchair from an early age, Katharina was exposed to the sport of Tennis from an early age thanks to her parents, who were regular players. "I naturally got into tennis because both of my parents also played it. As a child, I was always around tennis courts so over time I developed an interest in the sport and eventually started playing myself".

Starting to play wheelchair tennis at the age of 7, it wasn't long until Katharina started competing professionally, participating in her first tournament in 2005. "The biggest challenge I encountered was coordinating your movements, holding the racket and pushing the wheelchair all at the same time whilst trying to hit the ball. When you play wheelchair tennis, you also have to be very patient with yourself. It takes years to learn all of the skills you need and making the right decisions during the match. It's a very complex sport. It's very different to playing with a team - the outcome of the match has to do with just two things - the way your opponent plays and the way you deal with it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose".

Since then, Katharina has been the German National Champion on a multiple of occasions, competed in the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games and is currently ranked 10th in the Singles World Ranking. "I love the intensity and the dynamic of the sport. I like to compete against other individuals and it's exciting to deal with situations that you can't control during a match. I always like to work on my game and keep improving".

Graduating high school in 2010, Katharina also went on to study Rehabilitation Pedagogy, earning her Bachelor's Degree in 2015. "Wheelchair tennis means a lot to me and plays a very big role in my life. It's given me the strength to accept my disability and gave me the confidence to trust my abilities. It's really made me who I am and helped me to mature in my day-to-day life as well. My dream in wheelchair tennis is to climb the rankings as high as possible, qualify for the Grand Slam tournaments and also to compete alongside able-bodied players. But I also enjoy helping newly injured people to overcome their trauma and learn to adapt to their new life. I love seeing them getting better, supporting them to re-build their confidence and helping them to believe in themselves. That's actually the reason why I decided to study Rehabilitation Pedagogy".

Katharina Krüger, Wheelchair Tennis

Road to Glory


Paralympic Games (Rio)

Singles - Dropped out in the round of sixteen


German National Champion


German National Champion

Paralympic Games (London)

Singles - 16th Place
Doubles - Quarter Finals


World Team Cup (South Africa)

Silver Medal


German National Champion


German National Champion


German National Champion

Paralympic Games (Beijing)

16th Place


German National Champion


German National Champion


German National Champion